NOW voucher code not recognised

Seeing an error telling you there's a problem with your voucher when you try to enter the code on your device, or on the website? Here are some of the most common causes. 

It’s easy to mistype letters and numbers that look similar. Make sure you enter the code exactly as it appears on your voucher or gift card, and look out for these easily confused characters:

  • 5S (Number 5, and letter S)
  • 0O (Number 0, and letter O)
  • 9g (Number 9, and letter G)
  • 1ilL (Number 1, lower-case i, lower-case I and capital letter L).

You'll get an error if, for example, you’ve got a voucher for a Cinema Membership but you’re trying to apply it to an Entertainment Membership. Make sure you choose the right membership for the voucher you’ve got, then try entering the code again.

There are a few reasons why your voucher might not be valid. It may have expired, for example, or it may be an offer that can only be used once per member, or that’s only for new members. Double check the small print by referring to the legal text at the end of the email that was sent with the voucher code. 

If you're already on an offer for a particular membership, you'll need to wait until it has less than 30 days to run before you can apply another voucher for the same membership. Come back in the last month of your offer and try again.

Sorry – you won’t be able to apply vouchers to any memberships you pay for through a third party.

Voucher codes can only be applied once, so you’ll need to get another voucher code to continue.



If you're having trouble redeeming a Sky Store voucher, perhaps because it's expired, you'll find help on the links below:

Checked all of the above and the code’s still not working?

Just select the Get in touch button on this page to contact us by live chat, and we'll try to help.

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