Can I watch NOW without ads?

If you're a Cinema, Entertainment or Sports Member and you don't have NOW Boost, you'll probably be seeing ads when you watch on-demand shows, movies and sport.

We've been introducing ads gradually over the last few months. 

Our live channels have always carried ads, and will continue to do so.


How can I watch without ads?

If you'd prefer to watch on-demand shows, movies and sport without ads, you can choose to upgrade to NOW Boost for just £6 a month.

With Boost, you can watch ad-free, and you also get extra streams so you can watch on 3 devices at the same time.

Plus, if you've got a device that supports all the other features of Boost, you can enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with Full HD, Surround Sound and 50fps on Sky Sports channels. Find out more about all the benefits of Boost


Does having Boost mean I won't see any ads?

If you upgrade to Boost, you won't see ads when you watch on-demand shows, movies and sport. You'll still see promotional trailers for shows, movies and events you can access, as well as ads that appear on live channels.


How do I add NOW Boost to my membership?

Just head over to the NOW Membership area of My Account, and select Start free trial or Add Boost.

Go to NOW Membership



Ads are shown on live channels on all devices.

In addition, Cinema, Entertainment and Sports Members without Boost will see ads in on-demand shows, movies and sport.

No, there are no ads in Hayu shows.

Yes, you can. Even if you can't benefit from Full HD and Surround Sound, you'll still get the extra streaming allowance and be able to enjoy ad-free viewing.

If you’re already a member, you can start a free 7-day trial of Boost whenever you fancy. Just head over to the NOW Membership area of My Account, and select Start free trial.

If you’ve only got Sports Day Membership, you won’t be eligible for a free trial but you can add Boost for just £6 a month. Head to NOW Membership and hit the Add Boost button.  

Keep in mindYou won’t be able to get Boost if you’ve only got Sports Mobile Membership.

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