How do I return my old NOW equipment?

We make it as simple as possible for you to return the NOW equipment you don’t need anymore, free of charge.

By returning your old equipment, you’ll minimise your environmental impact and help to reduce global climate change.

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Got an old NOW Box or Hub?

Create a label to return your equipment, free of charge.


Step 1: 

Head to

Step 2:

Choose what type of package you’re using to return your equipment, and confirm that it’s less than 20kg and within the stated dimensions (NOW Boxes and NOW Hubs both come within these limits).

Keep in mindMake sure you remove any batteries from your equipment first.

Step 3:

Fill in your details, and select Make your label.

Handy tipCan't remember your NOW username? Just use the email address you use to sign into NOW instead.

Step 4: 

Download and print your label, and attach it to the package. Then just pop down to the post office to send it to us, free of charge.

No Printer? No problem. You can print your label at a Royal Mail Customer Service Point – check the email you receive from Royal Mail for more details.

We reuse or recycle every single product that we receive back. The equipment is either refurbished or their parts broken down and recycled.

You can return any electrical products we’ve given you. They don’t have to be NOW branded.

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