NOW Broadband order update – road works needed

Thanks for choosing NOW Broadband. We're sorry that your order has been delayed – here's some more info on the reason for the delay and what happens next.

What's happening with my order?

To get your service up and running at your property, Openreach need to complete some work that requires local road closures. Before they start work, Openreach need to make sure they can work safely by obtaining permission and following processes from your local authority.

What type of work needs completing to get my order back on track?

Openreach need to complete some digging work to provide a service to your property. They'll work with the local council and Highways Agency to organise access and provide a time and date when this can safely be completed.

They’ll also agree how to manage ongoing traffic. This could be as a simple as a stop/go sign, or could involve a partial or full road closure.

Keep in mindThis work would also be required with many other broadband providers.

What’ll happen next?

We’ll keep you updated once Openreach confirm how much work they need to do to get your line ready.

Keep in mind, the work might not be carried out on the road directly outside your property, so don’t worry if you aren’t seeing it go ahead.

How long will my delay be?

The length of the delay will depend on the work involved, as delays can differ in complexity. We’ll work with Openreach and share estimated timelines for planned work with you. We’ll always confirm the next review date, so you know when to expect an update from us.  

What can I expect from NOW?

Our team will keep constant track of your order and will text and email you with updates as regularly as possible about its progress. They’ll let you know if we can’t meet the date we advised when you placed your order. Then, once we've confirmed the date of your installation with Openreach, we'll text and email you with the new appointment details.

Make sure we have your correct email address

To ensure we can send you email updates about your order, sign in to My Account and check the email address we hold for you in Personal details.

To make sure you don’t miss any updates, add NOW to your 'safe sender' list.

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