How do I set up and manage parental controls for NOW Broadband?

NOW Broadband Buddy offers parental controls that help keep you and your family safe online, and is available free for all NOW Broadband Members.

Broadband Buddy allows you to control what websites your family can access. It also helps protect you from websites that try to collect your private information without your knowledge, and sites that might harm your computer or other devices.

You can view or change your Broadband Buddy settings at any time in My Account.


To get started, simply choose an age rating to suit the people who’ll be using broadband in your home. This automatically creates the appropriate internet security settings for all of your devices.

Step 1:

Go to your Broadband Buddy settings.

Step 2:

Choose the appropriate age rating for your home.

The table below lists the categories of sites that are blocked under each age rating.

Online gamesX  
Social networkingX  
Pornography & adultXX 
Suicide and self-harmXX 
Weapons, violence, gore & hateXX 
Anonymizers, filesharing & hackingXX 
Drugs & criminal skillsXX 
Phishing, malware & spywareXXX

See below to find out how to customise your settings, and block or allow specific websites.

You can block or allow individual websites or categories, overriding the age rating setting.

If you choose to block or allow a website or category, this also takes priority over the Grown up browsing time setting (if it’s switched on).

Block or allow specific categories

Step 1:

Go to your Broadband Buddy settings.

Step 2:

Select Custom, and then select block next to each category you don’t want to be viewed in your home.

NOW TV Broadband Buddy - list of blocked categories

Step 3:

Select Save.

Block or allow individual websites

Step 1:

Go to your Broadband Buddy settings.

Step 2:

Select Block & allow websites and enter the website address you would like to block or allow in the relevant box.

Broadband Buddy - block & allow websites

Step 3:

Select Add and then Save.

Step 4:

To remove a website from either list select Remove next to the name of the site, then Save.

Keep in mindBroadband Buddy will never block a website while it's on your ‘Allowed websites’ list, even if it changes category or the site becomes malware-infected.

There are certain sites that we're required to block under order of the High Court. You won’t be able to access these sites when connected to your NOW Broadband network, whatever your Broadband Buddy settings.

More infoWebsites blocked under order of the High Court

The Grown up browsing time feature allows you to automatically apply the 18 age rating at specific hours of the day.

So, if you have kids you can set your age rating to PG or 13 (or custom), and then set the Grown up browsing time feature to turn on between 9pm-6am when the kids are in bed. This means that sites unsuitable for children will be blocked during the day, but the restrictions will automatically be lifted in the evening.

Keep in mindGrown up browsing time can’t be enabled when age rating is set to 18.

To turn on Grown up browsing time:

Step 1:

Go to your Broadband Buddy settings.

Step 2:

Make sure your age rating is set to PG, 13 or Custom.

Step 3:

Under Grown up browsing time, select Turn on.

Choose a start and finish time and select Save and apply.

NOW TV Broadband Buddy - Grown up browsing time

Keep in mindWebsites on your blocked and allowed lists will remain blocked/allowed at all times, regardless of the age rating or Grown up browsing time selected.

Will Grown up browsing time work right away?

The first time you turn on Grown up browsing time, it may take a few minutes for the settings to take effect.

After that your settings will change automatically each day, at the times you’ve chosen.

You can check or change your settings at any time. To do this, simply follow the steps above in ‘How do I set up Broadband Buddy?’ or ‘How do I block or allow individual websites or categories?’

When you set up Broadband Buddy or change any settings, we’ll send a confirmation to the primary account holder’s email address. If you're the primary account holder but you don’t currently have an email address associated with your account you’ll receive a text message instead.

More infoHow do I change my email address?

You can only choose one age rating, which will be applied to all devices connected to your NOW Broadband home network. You can’t choose different age ratings for specific devices or individual members of your household.

To change your Broadband Buddy settings, just go to your Broadband Buddy settings screen at any time.

To switch off Broadband Buddy:

Step 1:

Go to your Broadband Buddy settings (if you see the sign in page, enter either your username or email address, and your password).

Step 2:

Select Turn OFF.

Turn off NOW TV Broadband Buddy

If any sites are still appearing as blocked after switching Broadband Buddy off, please allow 15 minutes for the changes to take effect.

You can switch off Broadband Buddy at any time.

However, we recommend that you keep it switched on with the 18 age rating selected instead. This means that your devices will still be protected from phishing sites, and no categories will be blocked.

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