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What is NOW TV?

NOW TV is the easy way to get the movies, shows and sports you want, when you want.

You can watch on loads of devices, including tablets, smartphones and laptops, plus our very own NOW TV Box and NOW TV Smart Stick.

How does it work?

To watch NOW TV, you need to create a free account and grab a Pass to become a NOW TV member.

5 different Passes are available: Entertainment, Cinema, Sports, Kids and hayu.

Simply pick the combination of Passes that suits you, and change whenever you like, as often as you like.

Each Pass gives you access to TV channels (Cinema, Entertainment, Sports and Kids) and/or the latest on demand movies and shows (Cinema, Entertainment, Kids and hayu).


Sky Cinema Pass 

7 day free trial, then €15 a month. 
You get 11 Sky Cinema channels, plus over 1000 movies to watch on demand.

Find out more about the Sky Cinema Pass

NOW TV Entertainment Pass

7 day free trial, then €15 a month.
The latest must-see TV shows on channels you won’t find on Saorview, plus catch up and over 300 box sets.

Find out more about the NOW TV Entertainment Pass

Sports Passes

Choose from 3 different Passes to get your fix of live sports:

  • Sky Sports Pass – €10 a day, €15 a week, or €39 a month for all 11 Sky Sports channels.
  • Sky Sports Mobile Pass – €7 a month for 5 Sky Sports channels on smartphones only.
  • Sports Extra Pass – €10 a day, €15 a week, or €34 a month for 6 more channels, including BT Sport and Premier Sports.

Find out more about the Sports Passes

NOW TV Kids Pass

7 day free trial, then €7 a month.
You get 6 channels, plus thousands of episodes on demand.

Find out more about the NOW TV Kids Pass

hayu Pass

7 day free trial, then €6 a month.
You get over 150 box sets of top reality TV shows, added the same day as the US premiere.

Find out more about the hayu Pass

First, you’ll need to create an account and grab a Pass to become a NOW TV member.

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Select a Pass to find out more or to add it to your basket. 

Add any of the other Passes or available offers in your basket that you want, and hit Checkout.

Step 3:

Fill in your details to create a NOW TV account.

You’ll need to complete all the fields, including payment info, so we can set up your account. Don’t worry, we won’t take a payment if you’re starting a free trial or you’ve got a voucher (you might have received one with your NOW TV Box or Smart Stick).

We’re always adding new movies and shows on demand.

You can browse our movies catalogue to see what’s available to watch right now, and see what shows are available on catch up and box sets on our entertainment catalogue.

Our kids section shows all the episodes and shows ready and waiting for your little ones to enjoy whenever they like.

Keep an eye on our sports highlights to see what live matches and events are on the way.

And discover all the binge-worthy box sets ready and waiting for you with a hayu Pass.

NOW TV Box and NOW TV Smart Stick

The NOW TV Smart Stick and the NOW TV Box both let you watch all the best and latest movies, shows and live sports on your TV.

Plus, both NOW TV devices connect to your broadband to turn your TV into a smart TV. You can watch more of your favourite shows with catch up TV from TV3, All 4 and more. Plus you get loads of extra apps, including Netflix, YouTube and Sky Store.

More info What apps are available on my NOW TV Box or Smart Stick?

You can watch NOW TV on your tablet, laptop or smartphone too.

You can add up to 6 devices and watch on 2 devices at the same time.

More info What devices can I use to watch NOW TV?

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