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How do I get a Pass?

We've made it easy to grab one of our Passes and get started with NOW TV. You can even try the Sky Cinema Pass, NOW TV Entertainment Pass and NOW TV Kids Pass free for 14 days before you pay.

Select the Pass you want below to find out how to get one:

We want you to see just how much you’ll love NOW TV before becoming a paying customer. That’s why we offer a 14 day free trial of our Sky Cinema Pass, Entertainment Pass and Kids Pass.

Step 1:

Go to and select Free trial for either the Entertainment, Cinema or Kids Pass.

Start a free trial of the NOW TV Entertainment Pass

Step 2:

Follow the onscreen instructions to create your NOW TV account.

Step 3:

Finally, enter your payment card details to activate your NOW TV account.

You’re now ready to go. NOW TV is available on loads of devices, so simply pick one to get started with, find a movie or show, and start watching.

When your free trial ends, your Month Pass starts automatically. You'll pay €15 a month for the Sky Cinema Month Pass or Entertainment Month Pass, or €7 a month for the Kids Month Pass. You can cancel at any time.

To get one of our sports passes:

Step 1:

Go to and select Buy Sky Sports Pass.

Buy Sky Sports Pass

Step 2:

Select either Buy Day Pass, Buy Week Pass or Buy Month Pass.

Step 3:

Follow the onscreen instructions to create a NOW TV account.

Step 4:

Finally, enter your payment card details to activate your NOW TV account.

Can I buy now but save my Pass for later?

You can start your Sky Sports Day or Week Pass to start at a time that suits you. When you buy your Pass, it'll automatically be saved for you, and will activate whenever you start watching Sky Sports.

The Sky Sports Month Pass will start right away, and auto-renews each month.

Already a NOW TV customer?

Did you know you can buy Passes in My Account?

Just go to My Account and then My Passes to see your current Passes or add a new Pass (you'll need to sign in, if you haven't already).

Choose Start free trial or Buy now to get your new Pass and start watching right away.

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