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We're making some changes this summer...

We're making a few changes to some of our membership options and to the way devices are managed to make things simpler for our members. Here's a summary of what's happening and when.


Kids will now be part of our Entertainment Membership

From 8 June, you'll no longer be able to add a Kids Membership, but don't worry – all our brilliant kids' content will remain. Instead of being available separately, the live kids' channels and on-demand episodes will be rolled into our Entertainment Membership, at no extra cost.

Kids-only Members: We don't want you (or your little ones!) to miss out, so you'll automatically be transferred over to an Entertainment Membership. This means you get to enjoy all our unmissable and critically acclaimed shows – including Your Honor and The Flight Attendant – as well as your kids' shows. Look out for an email from us with the details. 

Entertainment Members: You don't need to do anything – but if you've got kids in your household, they'll now be able to enjoy all the kids' cartoons and shows we've added to your membership for no extra charge.


We're changing our Cinema and Boost prices

From 15 July, the price of our Cinema Membership will change from £11.99 to £9.99 a month and NOW Boost will increase from £3 to £5 a month.

These changes will take effect from your next bill after 15 July (or, if you're on an offer, when your offer ends).


You'll no longer be limited to 3 device swaps per month

From 15 July, we're removing the limit of 3 device swaps per month. Instead, your device list will update on a rolling basis. So if you've got 6 devices registered on your account and you start streaming on a new one, the device with the oldest 'last used' date and no downloads on it will automatically be removed for you to free up a device slot.

As part of this change, you'll no longer be able to rename or manually remove devices in My Account.   


Members without Boost will have single-stream viewing

From 15 July, if you don't have Boost you'll only be able to stream on 1 device at a time (previously, you could stream on 2 devices simultaneously). 

If you want the option to stream on multiple devices at once, you can add Boost to your account. With Boost, you can watch on up to 3 devices at the same time – and of course, you'll also be able to enjoy the other benefits of ad-free viewing and Full HD and 5.1 Surround Sound on selected content and devices. Find out more about Boost



We're constantly evaluating the needs of our members and looking at ways to add value. As part of this, we've decided to simplify our offer and increase the value of our Entertainment Membership by adding all our fantastic kids' shows to it at no extra cost to our members.

This depends on what type of membership you've got, but we've aimed to make these changes as seamless as possible by keeping your monthly cost the same wherever we can and minimising any impact to your viewing experience.

We're gradually rolling out ads in on-demand shows and movies (they're already on live channels). If you haven't seen any yet, you're likely to come across them from July, unless you've already got Boost. 

Boost allows you to stream ad-free (excluding live channels and trailers promoting NOW content). Find out more about ads on NOW

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