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When can I watch each episode?

Each episode will be simulcast on Sky Atlantic at the same time as the US premiere, at 2am each Monday from 22 August.

Can't stay up late? Don't worry, episodes will be available to watch on demand from 2am.

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To watch every episode in full HD with surround sound, you'll need to upgrade to NOW Boost. It costs just £5 a month, and for that you get:

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NOW Boost will renew automatically each month (unless you cancel it) as long as you’ve got an active monthly membership. 

Keep in mindYou'll need a compatible device and an internet speed of at least 12Mbps to stream in 1080p. Find out more about NOW Boost

You can watch on a huge range of devices, from smart TVs to smartphones, and laptops to games consoles.

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Keep in mind2015 Samsung Smart TVs, 2014/2015 LG Smart TVs, and 1st generation Chromecast devices will no longer be supported from 5 September. Find out more

When you start watching NOW on a new device, it’ll automatically be added to your account. You can keep track of the devices you're using in My Account. Just head to the Devices area to see them all listed, along with the date you last used each one.

Up to 6 devices can be stored on your account. Once you’ve added devices up to your maximum of 6, when you start watching on a new device the one with the oldest Last used date and no downloads on it will automatically be removed to make space for it. Devices with downloads on them will be the last to be removed. You can't manually remove a device from your account.

You can watch on 1 device at a time – or 3 if you have NOW Boost. Find out more about Boost.

How can I remove a device?

Once you’ve added devices up to your maximum of 6, when you start watching on a new device the one with the oldest Last used date and no downloads on it will be removed automatically to make space for it. Devices with downloads on them will be the last to be removed.

Absolutely – you'll be able to download each episode as soon as it's available on demand on the day of the premiere.

Find out more How do I downloads shows and movies to watch offline?

All 8 seasons of Game of Thrones are available with an Entertainment Membership.

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If you're watching on demand, closed captions are available for all supported devices. Just check the article below to see how to turn on closed captions for your device.

More info Can I watch NOW with subtitles or closed captions?

Watching the live simulcast? Then you can turn on closed captions for any of the devices below:

  • Android/iOS
  • Apple TV
  • Windows/Mac (NOW Player)
  • NOW Smart Stick & Boxes
  • Roku boxes and streaming players
  • Chromecast
  • LG TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Android TV
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
  • PS4/PS5


Besides every House of the Dragon episode, your Entertainment Membership gives you access to loads more shows, via channels including Sky Max, Sky Showcase, Sky Witness, Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy, Sky Nature, Sky Documentaries, Sky History, Gold, Sky Crime and Sky Arts.

And for the little ones, there are 6 live kids' channels: Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Nickleodeon, Cartoonito, Nick Jr and Nicktoons.

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