Master parental controls: Xbox 360/Xbox One/YouView/PS3


The Xbox 360, Xbox One and YouView box all have master parental controls which will override your NOW TV Parental PIN.

If you've turned off your NOW TV Parental PIN and you still can't watch certain movies or shows, you'll need to change the parental controls on your Xbox 360 or YouView box to restore access.


Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Find out how to change the parental controls on your Xbox

You also have the option to change your family filter settings. This will block any images or content that's rated above your preferred settings.


Find out how to change the parental controls on your YouView box.


The parental controls for PS3 don't affect your NOW TV subscription. If you have parental controls set on your PS3, you'll still need to set your Parental PINs on your NOW TV account to your desired level.

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