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What features are available on NOW TV?

Find the answers to some common questions about features available on NOW TV below:

Subtitles are available for selected on demand movies and shows on the Sky Cinema Pass and NOW TV Entertainment Pass.

You can get subtitles on a bunch of our devices, including the NOW TV Box and NOW TV Smart Stick. Check the article below to find out more.

More infoCan I watch NOW TV with subtitles?

Yes – just select Add to My TV to add a show to your Watchlist, where you can find it to watch later.


Absolutely. You can download most shows and movies on the Entertainment Pass, Cinema PassKids Pass and hayu Pass to watch again later when you’re offline on your iOS or Android device, whether on the go or relaxing on holiday.

Some events and shows from the Sky Sports Pass are also available to download and replay – just look for the download icon on the programme info screen.

More infoHow do I download shows to watch offline?

Got a Sky Sports Month Pass, and one of the devices listed below? You can access extra channels on selected sports events using Bonus Streams, including additional EFL matches and F1 Race Control.

You’ll find all available Bonus Streams at the bottom of your NOW TV app homepage. Don't worry if you can't see any Bonus Streams right now – they'll appear automatically by the time the event starts.

Keep in mindYou can’t access Bonus Streams with a Sky Sports Day or Week Pass. NOW TV Boost features, including full HD and 50 frames per second, aren't available on Bonus Streams.

Will Bonus Streams be available on other devices?

We'll be making Bonus Streams available on the NOW TV Stick and Boxes (except the white NOW TV Box) later this year, and via the NOW TV Player and supported smartphones in 2021.

Other interactive services

If you’ve got a NOW TV Smart Box with Freeview, you can use Red Button and interactive services on live BBC channels. Just hit the red button on your NOW TV remote to get started.

My NOW TV remote doesn’t have a red button

Got a NOW TV remote without a red button? No problem – just use the star (*) button to access interactive services through your NOW TV Smart Box instead.

The NOW TV Passes only give you access to pay TV channels and on demand movies or shows – not any Freeview channels.

Got a NOW TV Smart Box with Freeview? Just connect your Smart Box to your TV aerial to get Freeview channels on your TV.

Yes, you can.

Just turn on your Parental PIN and choose what age rating you want it to apply to.

Keep in mindA Parental PIN is mandatory to watch most live channels on the Sky Cinema Pass and some live channels on the Entertainment Pass. Find out more

If you want friends or family to use your NOW TV account without being able to buy Passes or any other products using your saved card details, make sure your Payment PIN is turned on.

Payment PIN ON

You can watch all our Sky Sports channels, movies and selected shows in full HD with NOW TV Boost. That’s 1080p video quality instead of the usual 720p, for just £3 a month extra.

NOW TV Boost also gives you:

  • 6 Sky Sport channels – Main Event, Premier League, F1, Football, Cricket and Golf – at 50 frames per second.
  • A fully immersive audio experience with Dolby Digital 5.1.
  • An extra stream – so you can watch on 3 devices at the same time, instead of the usual 2.

How do I get NOW TV Boost?

When you go to and TV Passes to buy a Pass or start a free trial, you’ll see the option to buy or try NOW TV Boost alongside it.

Keep in mindYou won’t be able to get NOW TV Boost if you’ve only got a Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass, or if you only have Passes you pay for via a third party such as iTunes or Vodafone.

Find out more about NOW TV Boost

You can pause and rewind the live TV channels for up to 30 minutes with any of the NOW TV devices below: 

  • NOW TV Smart Stick
  • NOW TV Smart Box with 4K & Voice Search
  • NOW TV Smart Box with Freeview
  • NOW TV Box (black) 
  • BT TV Box (rewind for up to 2 hours)

On all other devices, you can only pause or rewind on demand movies and shows.

Keep in mindYou can’t record whole shows or series on the live TV channels on any device, except via the programme guide on the BT TV Box if you pay for your Passes through BT.

Not at all. Once you're a NOW TV member, you can add all the NOW TV Passes on one account.

You can’t browse the internet through the NOW TV Box or Smart Stick.

You can use your NOW TV device to stream Sky Cinema, Entertainment and Sky Sports channels. You can also connect to loads of apps through your Box and Smart Stick, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

If you’ve got a NOW TV Box or NOW TV Smart Stick, you can watch Sky Sports Box Office events, including boxing and WWE events, with the Sky Sports Box Office app.

More info Can I watch Sky Sports Box Office events on NOW TV?

If you’ve got an iPhone or Android smartphone, it’s easy to add a reminder to your calendar to make sure you don’t miss the big match.

To set a reminder you’ll need to have the NOW TV app installed (just search NOW TV in the App Store or Google Play), and be logged in with your email address and password. When you find an event that you don’t want to miss, hit Add to calendar to set a reminder.

Select 'Add to calendar'


The first time you add a reminder, or when you install the app, you’ll be asked to give NOW TV permission to access your calendar. Just select Allow, or go to your settings to grant access your calendar.

Don’t worry – we’ll never use this to access any of your personal data. You can remove permission to access your calendar at any time in Settings.

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