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How do I buy a NOW TV Box?

How do I buy a NOW TV Box?

You can buy either of the NOW TV Boxes (NOW TV Box or NOW TV Smart Box) on our website. You can also get a NOW TV Smart Box as part of the NOW TV Combo.

When you’ve picked your box, select Buy now to choose your NOW TV Box Pack.  

Choose NOW TV Box or NOW TV Smart Box


Save money with a NOW TV Box Pack

Select a box pack with a Sky Cinema, Entertainment or Sky Sports Month Pass included for up to 6 months to get a reduced price.

Or just take the NOW TV Box on its own and grab a Pass later.

Once you've picked a box pack, follow the steps below to complete your purchase:

Step 1:

Select Sign in and enter your NOW TV username and password.

Step 2:

Check your delivery address and update it if necessary. Select Next.


Buy a NOW TV Box - check delivery address

Step 3:

Make sure your payment details are correct. (If you update your card all future payments to NOW TV will come from that card).

Step 4:

Select Buy. Enter your Payment PIN if prompted.

Step 1:

Select Buy now.

Step 2:

Enter your personal details and delivery address, then select Next.


Buy a NOW TV Box - enter personal details and address

Step 3:

Enter your payment details and billing address (if different to your delivery address).

If you have a voucher, enter the code and select Apply.


Buy a NOW TV Box - enter payment details and billing address


Step 4:

Review and accept the terms & conditions.

Step 5:

Select Pay now.

Choose a question below to find out more:

Yes. Once your order has been placed, we'll send you a confirmation email straight away.

You'll receive your NOW TV Box within five working days of placing your order. We'll send you an email once it's on its way with a link to track your delivery.

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Yes, you can. Using one account for all your passes is much easier to manage, and simple to do. 

Adding a Cinema, Entertainment or Kids Pass

Select My Account, followed by My passes (you might need to enter your username and password to sign in).

Then select Apply a voucher in either the Sky Cinema Month Pass, Entertainment Month Pass or Kids Month Pass section, enter the code on your voucher and select Continue.

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If you already have a Pass, the voucher will only start when your current one ends.

Adding a Sports Pass

Go to the link on your voucher to quickly activate your Pass.

Yes, you can connect as many NOW TV boxes as you like within your home.

Just remember that you can only have a maximum of 4 devices added to your account at any one time, and you can't watch NOW TV on more than 2 devices at the same time.

If you have more than one TV in your home, or if you'd like extra NOW TV Boxes as gifts for family or friends, you can buy additional boxes. The way you order them will depend on which NOW TV services you have.

I've got NOW TV Broadband

You can order extra boxes by phone.

Select Get in Touch on this page and give us a call on the number shown (you might need to sign in with your email address and password in order to see the number).

I'm about to sign up for the NOW TV Combo

When you call us to place your order, just let us know that you'd like to buy an extra box or boxes and we'll add them to your order. They'll arrive along with the rest of your kit when your broadband is due to go live.

I don't have NOW TV Broadband

You can order an extra box online. If you want to buy more than one, you'll need to place a separate order for each box.

Once you've placed your NOW TV Box order, you won't be able to change any details such as your delivery address, and you can't stop your order from being processed.

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Can't wait up to 5 days for your NOW TV Box to be delivered? You can get one in store at any of these shops today:

  • Argos    
  • Asda    
  • B&M    
  • Currys PC World    
  • Game    
  • John Lewis    
  • Maplin    
  • Morrisons    
  • Sainsbury’s    
  • Tesco.

And you can also buy an official NOW TV Box online from:



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