Error codes and messages on Roku player


If you receive an error message when using your Roku box, please refer to the table below for instructions on how to fix.

Roku errors and how to fix them

Error Code What This Means How  To Resolve This
1011You may see this when trying to sign in with account details that don't exist.If you don’t have an account, go to to set one up. If you do – please re-check the details and try again.
2001Your sign in details are incorrect. Please try again. Retry signing in, check your details and remember the password is case sensitive
2004 Your session has timed out.Restart the NOW TV app, by pressing the back button till the home screen, then relaunch the app.
2005   Your sign in details are incorrect. Please try again.Retry signing in, check your details and remember the password is case sensitive.
4010 The voucher code you entered is not valid.Re-enter your voucher code. If problem persists, please Contact Us below.
6002 You've registered the maximum number of devices.Go to to remove a device and then retry watching a movie or sport on your NOW TV box to register.
6003 You’ve registered the maximum number of devices and used your monthly permitted change.You can't make any changes this month. You must continue with your existing devices until the following month.
Find out more about how many devices you can have
6006 You are connecting to NOW TV in a region that is not supportedYou must only use the NOW TV box within the UK, or you will receive this message.
10011 You have entered an incorrect PINPlease check your PIN details and re-enter them correctly.
10020This means you have not completed the full registration process, or your payment card has expired.Go to and play a movie or sport to continue registration.
10021   You have exceeded the amount of concurrent streams and are trying to watch on a third device simultaneously.You can only play on 2 devices concurrently. Choose which devices you want to use and end the third.
Find out more about this error
10023  Unable to connect to stream.Please wait a few minutes and try again.
10024   Your Sky Movies Pass subscription or Sky Sports Pass has expired.To continue you must ensure your payment details are correct. For sports customers, buy a new Sky Sports Pass
10025  Your Sky Movies Pass subscription has expired.You will not be able to continue watching movies until your monthly payment has gone through. If problem persists, please contact us.


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