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Check your membership options

Unfortunately, due to technical reasons we won't bore you with here, the Sports Mobile Membership, hayu Membership and NOW Boost aren't available to some of our members.

How do I know if I'm unable to get them?

If you've got NOW Broadband or the NOW Combo, or you've had it in the past, you might be one of a small group of members who won't be able to add Sports Mobile, hayu or Boost to your NOW Membership.

The easiest way to check is to sign in to My Account and head to NOW Membership. All the options that are available to you will be listed here.

  • Can you see the Sports Mobile Membership, hayu Membership and NOW Boost? If so, good news! You can add them directly from this page.
  • Can't see any of these? We're really sorry, but you can't buy any of the above at the moment.

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