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How to fix black screen on Windows PC

How to fix black screen on Windows PC

If you’re trying to watch NOW TV on your Windows device and you’re seeing a black playback window or a black window with a white pop-up box, try one of the fixes below, depending on how you're watching.

I'm using the NOW TV Player

If you're getting a black screen, make sure you have the latest update of the NOW TV Player installed. Not sure? Follow the steps here to delete the Player and install the latest version.

I'm using Silverlight to watch with IE11

You may need to change your Silverlight settings.

There are several fixes you could try. Give the first one a go and try watching NOW TV again. If the issue isn’t fixed, try the next one… and so on.

Microsoft has a handy Silverlight Fix It Tool that can help resolve problems with your installation.

1. Use the search bar in your Start Menu to find Silverlight.

Windows search bar

2. Open Silverlight, go to Application Storage and remove all entries from the list shown. Also tick the Enable application checkbox.

Application storage

3. Next, make sure the first box on the Playback tab is checked, and uncheck the last box. If the option is greyed out, you may not have admin rights. Some company computers have restrictions that don’t allow you to watch streaming videos.

Enable playback

4. Once you’re done, restart your PC for the changes to take effect and try watching NOW TV again

Internet explorer iconInternet Explorer:

From Tools in the top right (shown as a ‘gear’), go to Manage add-ons. In the pop-up window, select Tools and Extensions (under Add-on Types). Scroll down to Microsoft Corporation, select Microsoft Silverlight and click Enable.

If the Disable button is shown, Silverlight is already activated.

1. Before you start, close all your browser windows.
2. From your Windows Start menu, go to ‘Computer’.
3. Copy and paste the following into the address bar: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady

Address bar

4. This opens up a file named: mspr.hds
5. Right-click on the file and rename it: mspr.hds.old
6. Wait a couple of minutes for your changes to take effect, then sign in to your NOW TV account and try watching again.

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