Installing NOW TV Broadband at a new site

If Openreach tells us your home is a ‘new site’, it might take a bit longer than usual to get your NOW TV Broadband up and running.

What's a 'new site'?

A new site is a new build, conversion or major refurbishment of a residential property. This includes houses, flats, apartments, bungalows and barn conversions.

Openreach works with developers and builders early on in the planning process. It connects the site to its network and puts the infrastructure in place so that you have access to telephone and broadband services in your new home.

To do this, Openreach might need to obtain permission to work in certain areas, to manage vehicle traffic in the area, or to close some roads. This can sometimes cause delays with your NOW TV Broadband installation, especially in more complex development sites.

How can I get NOW TV Broadband installed as quickly as possible?

To help us set up your services as soon as possible:

  • Keep in regular contact with your builder and/or supplier to avoid any issues.
  • Speak to your neighbours about their broadband setup - they’re often the best source of information.
We’ll track your order at all times and keep you updated on its progress. And we’ll do our best to get you connected as soon as possible.

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