How do I set up my microfilters?


What's a microfilter?

A microfilter is a small white box that allows you to use your broadband and any devices that use your phone line, such as a landline phone or Sky box, at the same time.

Your NOW TV Hub comes with two microfilters - one master microfilter, and one standard microfilter.

Got a phone socket with two ports?

If you have a pre-filtered phone socket with two different ports, you don't need to use a microfilter.

If you have one, make sure you use your pre-filtered phone socket to connect your NOW TV Hub – it won’t work with any other socket.

A pre-filtered phone socket

If you don’t have a pre-filtered phone socket with two ports and your microfilters aren't set up correctly, you might experience:

  • Slow internet speed
  • An unreliable or intermittent internet connection
  • Noise or interference on the line when making telephone calls
For every phone socket that’s in use, a microfilter should be connected directly to the socket. Your device should then be plugged into the microfilter.

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Step 1:

Your NOW TV Master Microfilter should be connected to your master phone socket, if you have one.

Connect master microfilter to master phone socket

How do I find my master phone socket?

Your master phone socket will be the largest one in your home. It should have a line across the middle, and might also have a BT or Openreach logo.

Master phone socket

Step 2:

Connect one of the purple ends of the grey DSL cable into the purple port of your master microfilter, marked NOW TV Hub.

Master Microfilter Purple Port

Step 3:

Plug your phone line or splitter into the other port of your master microfilter, marked Phone. 

Master microfilter phone line port

Step 4:

Plug your standard microfilter into any other phone socket that you use. For example, if you have an additional landline phone, a fax machine or any other device that needs a phone connection.

Connect your additional device to the port marked Phone.

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