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How do I connect my NOW TV Hub to the internet?

How do I connect my NOW TV Hub to the internet?

Before you set up your NOW TV Hub, check the date on the big sticker on the packaging. Please don’t install your NOW TV Hub before this date.

NOW TV Hub packaging

Keep in mind Your broadband will start working any time up till midnight of the date on the sticker.

When you’re ready to set up your Hub, follow the steps below or download our NOW TV Hub set up guide as a PDF.

Before you start...

Make sure you have all the cables from your NOW TV Hub pack, and microfilters for each telephone socket in use in your home.

You’ll get the best speed and stability if you connect your Hub to your master phone socket. This is where your broadband signal is strongest.

Your master phone socket will be the largest one in your home. It should have a line across the middle, and might also have a BT or Openreach logo.

Master phone socket

If you’re not sure where your master phone socket is, try looking on the wall near where your phone line enters your home from the street.

If you can’t find it, don’t worry. You can still connect your NOW TV Hub to a standard phone socket.

Unplug anything that’s already inserted into your master phone socket, including splitters, phone cables, existing broadband equipment and any old microfilters.

Unplug everything from your master phone socket

Keep hold of any phone cables or splitters you unplug. You'll need them for the next part of your Hub setup.

Once your NOW TV Hub is up and running you can recycle your old microfilters, if you no longer need them.

Got a pre-filtered phone socket?

If you have a pre-filtered phone socket (one with two different ports) then you don't need to use a microfilter.

Just plug one of the purple ends of the grey cable directly into the top port of your phone socket and then skip to Step 3.

Pre-filtered phone socket

Step 1:

Plug the white end of the microfilter into your master phone socket.

Plug master microfilte rinto master phone socket

Then plug one of the purple ends of the grey DSL cable into the purple port of your microfilter.

Plug the purple end of the ADSL cable into your microfilter

Step 2:

Next, plug any phone cable or splitters that you unplugged earlier into the port on your microfilter marked Phone.

Phone cables and splitters

Keep in mind You should never plug a microfilter into another microfilter.

Step 3:

Plug the other purple end of your DSL cable into the purple port of your Hub.

ADSL cable

Step 4:

Plug the blue end of the black power cable into the blue port on the back of your Hub. Then plug the other end into the mains and switch it on.

Keep in mind You might have to wait a few minutes for the lights on your NOW TV Hub to turn on.

Lights on Hub & Black power cable

Step 5:

If you have more phone sockets in your home, you’ll need to fit a microfilter to these too.

Check microfilters are set up correctly around your home

That’s your NOW TV Hub setup completed.

Now you can connect devices to your NOW TV broadband using Wi-Fi, or using the Ethernet cable included with your NOW TV Hub.

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Now your NOW TV Hub is good to go, you're ready to set up your Smart Box.

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