Using your Sky iD to sign up for NOW TV


If you already have a Sky iD you can use it to sign up for NOW TV. This will save you having to enter all your details again.

You'll have a Sky iD if you've used an online Sky service before, such as Sky Go. If you see the message below when trying to sign up, then you already have a Sky iD registered with your email address.

Email address

To sign up using your Sky iD:


Step 1

Go to and select My Account, then Sign In.

Step 2

Enter your Sky iD username and password. (Here’s what to do if you’ve forgotten your Sky iD details.)

Sign in

Step 3

Follow the steps in I started signing up, but didn’t finish to choose a Pass and finish signing up for your NOW TV account.

Does adding a device for NOW TV affect my Sky Go devices?

No, don’t worry – your Sky Go devices and NOW TV devices are completely separate. You can add up to 4 devices for NOW TV, and 2 devices for Sky Go (or 4 if you’re a Sky Go Extra customer). And you can still make one device change each calendar month for each service.

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