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Support for customers with accessibility requirements

At NOW TV, we're committed to supporting customers with accessibility needs and to making our website and products easier for you to use.

Help with using our website

Pick an option below to find out how our website can accommodate you if you have any difficulties with seeing, hearing, movement or reading and spelling.

We've designed our website so that you can change its appearance by adjusting your browser settings. So, for example, you can:

  • make the text bigger
  • magnify your screen
  • make your mouse pointer easier to see
  • change colours to make text easier to read
  • change fonts to make text clearer.
You can also turn on settings to make your device read text to you out loud.

To find out how you can change our website to meet your needs, go to My Computer, My Way.

Our site's been designed to support people who have problems hearing sounds on their computer or device. This means you can do things such as:

  • Display captions on your smartphone
  • Connect your iPhone to your hearing aid
  • Turn on settings including visual notifications and Mono Audio on your iPhone
  • Display visual notifications on your computer.

To find out more about how to make these changes and more, go to My Computer, My Way.

We've designed our website so that you can still access it if you have difficulty using a keyboard or mouse. For example, you can:

  • use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the web instead of your mouse
  • make your mouse easier to use, by slowing it down or making the pointer bigger
  • make your keyboard easier to use, by using FilterKeys or StickyKeys
  • use voice recognition software on your computer or smartphone.

To learn how you can change your settings to make navigation easier, go to My Computer, My Way.

If you find reading or spelling difficult, that needn't stop you using our website. It's been built so that by changing your browser settings, you can make it easier to use. For example, you can:

  • make text bigger on your computer or device
  • magnify your screen to make text easier to read
  • change fonts to make text clearer
  • hide distracting content on your iPhone or iPad
  • turn on settings to make your device read text to you out loud.

To find out more and start changing the way you use the web, go to My Computer, My Way.


How else can NOW TV support customers with accessibility requirements?

Choose an option to find out about some of the things we can do to help customers use NOW TV services more easily, and find out how to get in touch with our Accessibility Customer Service team below. 

We can send correspondence to visually impaired customers in a variety of alternative formats.

For example: contracts, terms and conditions, bills, welcome letters and notices of changes to your service or tariff can be provided in braille, audio CD, and large or easy-to-read print.

NOW Calls customers who are unable to use the Phonebook can dial 198 or 195 for help making calls.

You’ll need to register with BT to use the Special Assistance Operator. You can get in touch with them for free on 0800 587 0195 to ask for an application form. Your form will need to be countersigned by a medical professional.

There’s no charge for using the Special Assistance Operator. Calls will be charged at standard NOW Calls rates, depending on which NOW Calls package you have.

More info Call tariff guide - how much do calls cost?

If you connect to Directory Enquiries (DQ) via the Special Assistance Operator you’ll be charged the same as making the call direct to DQ.

We offer a special tariff for NOW Calls customers making text relay calls using 18001 and 18002 numbers.

These calls will cost you no more than the equivalent standard call to the same number. Check the NOW Calls tariff guide for more details.

You can also use the Next Generation Text service on your NOW TV Calls package, including the NGT Lite App.

Do you have a long-term hospital stay, or other accessibility requirements? If so, you can nominate a third party to deal with your NOW TV account. It’ll still be your account, but your nominee can speak to us on your behalf and sort out things like bills.

Alternatively, you can make a more formal arrangement – bear in mind we’ll need some documentation to do this.

Get in touch with our Accessibility Customer Service team for more info.

Get in touch


Get in touch with our Accessibility team

Want to talk about your accessibility requirements, or tell us about something we could do better?


Can I watch NOW TV with subtitles?

We've added subtitles to selected shows and movies, and more will be on the way soon.

More info Can I watch NOW TV with subtitles?

Want to make a complaint?

You can make a complaint online, by phone or by post.

More infoHow do I make a complaint?

You can also get a copy of our Complaints Code of Practice  in braille, audio, regular, large or easy-to-read print by contacting our Accessibility customer service team.

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