About NOW TV's network reliability and security

NOW TV understands that our customers expect an excellent broadband and calls service that’s always available, reliable and secure.

How does NOW TV make sure its network is reliable?

We monitor our network constantly, and it’s been designed to make sure any problems are identified as soon as possible. This means we can prevent any faults which may affect the availability of your broadband and calls. 

If any unforeseen problems come up we’ll take immediate action to restore the service and minimise the impact on our customers. We’re always looking for ways to improve network availability for our customers.

How does NOW TV keep my details secure?

NOW TV has also put into place a number of controls to prevent and detect any risks to the security of the network so that we can protect our customers’ confidential data. In the unlikely event of any incident we have a comprehensive process in place to make sure our customers’ data is safe.

NOW TV is fully committed to both industry and legal requirements and will notify Ofcom and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of any breaches of availability or security where necessary. 

We’re also committed to meeting the requirements defined by the Payment Cards Industry (PCI) to protect credit card details of our customers.

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